San Simeon - Cakes & Cookies

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Incredible assortment of cakes & cookies. Beautiful California crate contains 12 orange mini cakes, 12 lemon mini cakes and 24 citrus cookies and 10 bags of gourmet shortbread assortments.

Shortbread assortments: Signature Orange Zest & Lemon Zest (no nuts), Orange-Cranberry & Lemon-Poppyseed, Orange-Almond & Lemon-Walnut, Orange-Spice & Lemon-Ginger (Sep – Dec) All individually wrapped.

Holiday assortment flavors: Orange-Spice & Orange-Cranberry mini cakes, Orange-Gingerbread cookies, Orange-Spice & Lemon-Ginger Shortbread (58 items).

Crate comes wrapped with a lid, bow, wax seal - presentation packaging.  Crate size: 19"x14.5"x6"

Serves 58 (Item # LCH)