Orange Hugs & Lemon Kisses Shortbread Varieties

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Gourmet shortbread cookies made with orange and lemon zest – bursting with buttery flavor. Orange Hugs are round, Lemon Kisses are heart-shaped. Paired together - because you can't have a hug without a kiss! Lots of cookies for sharing - about 60 cookies – flavors include Orange Zest, Lemon Zest, Orange-Cranberry, Lemon-Poppyseed, Orange-Almond, Lemon-Walnut. We replace two flavors with seasonal holiday pairs of Orange-Spice & Lemon-Peppermint (September-December) and Orange-Chocolate & Lemon Zest (January-August). Gorgeous box filled with Hugs & Kisses. What’s not to love? (Item # EQK)..