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Signature Products

Our California cakes and cookies taste like sunshine!  Orange and Lemon Pound Cakes have an amazing and refreshing flavor and aroma. We use fresh California oranges and lemons to flavor our cakes.  Cookies are baked with zest and natural oils to bring out the best natural flavors of citrus.  Orange and Lemon Sugar Cookies and Shortbread butter cookies are hugged with orange flavor, and lemon cookies are kissed with lemon zest. We are the premier citrus cake bakers shipping anywhere in the U.S.  Looking for fresh, natural products?  We are your store!


Signature Packaging

A Step Above – Unique gifts – Creative Packaging – Real California

Our gift crates are filled with unique and rare artisan gifts from California.   We hope you will enjoy the selection of products of quality, carefully chosen, to become delightful and much-appreciated gifts delivered with your sentiments. Feel free to compare our value to gift basket companies. Ounce for ounce – here is just one important factor that sets us apart. We provide full size products in actual product appropriate sized packaging. We use no oversized packaging to make things appear bigger. Your gift will be a generous collection of quality products carefully selected by Orange Clementine.

Crate Sizes:

Cute: CC 5"x4.5"x4.25"

Small: SC 9.5"x5"x4.25"

Square: SQ 8"x8"x6"

Medium: MC 15"x10"x6"

Large: LC 19"x15"x5"

Elegant Box Sizes:

Fancy Box EC 4.25"x4.25"x3"

Elegant Box: EQ 7"x7"x4"

Bakery Box Sizes:

Small: BC 4"x4"x4"

Long: LB 8"x4"x4"

Square: BB 8"x8"x4"

California Crates and Orange Crate Labels

Our charming wooden crates are themselves souvenirs from California. Each crate comes with a lid, tied with ribbon and our custom OC seal. They all are marked with our logo and ‘CALIFORNIA’. Four of our crate sizes have a beautiful, colorful crate label modeled after original orange crate labels used in the citrus industry. The beautiful crate label is made of moisture resistant vinyl that can be wiped clean – it is a lovely little art piece all by itself.  Watch for our limited edition crate labels.

Beyond the charming packaging, our customers use the crates in many ways. The tiny crate can be used as a tissue box, pen caddy, napkin holder, condiment holder, centerpiece, picnic table knives & forks holder, and so much more. Re-purpose your Orange Clementine crate and enjoy it forever.